Meet the Team

Cassie Davis



Cassie is a student at Washington State University’s Global Campus pursuing an online degree in Social Sciences. Lake Stevens is the city she grew up in, currently lives in, and loves. Cassie loves sports, animals, and finding new restaurants to enjoy.


As the concierge Cassie strives to be organized and attentive to the needs of all clients. She provides excellent customer service and maintains a positive, enthusiastic environment for anyone entering the office.

How I Invest In My Community:

I appreciate Columbia Funding Mortgage’s “CFM Cares” program and how we give back to the communities we serve. This program also encourages us as individuals to be involved in our communities and I do so by volunteering my time at local animal shelters.

Through animal shelters, sick, injured and/or homeless animals are cared for until they can find their forever home. Nothing is more rewarding than matching a family with an animal that will love them unconditionally. As volunteers, we feed, clean and socialize animals who otherwise would not be getting any care. I whole-heartedly believe animals are some of the most innocent things on this earth and they are something we should cherish. It warms my heart knowing that the hours I spend with these animals could impact their lives in such a positive way. It has been a passion of mine since I was little and I take great pride in being able to give back to my community in such a meaningful way.

How To Work With Cassie:

Cassie can be reached at or at the office, 425.357.1044. Feel free to call or email with any questions and she will do what she can to find the answers you need!

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