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Whether you are a first time homebuyer, a veteran in need of a VA loan, have questions about refinances, or just need a mortgage calculator, don't let a robot give you vague answers. Call Sofia, a mortgage professional who cares, for personalized service!

Sofia helps homebuyers finance their dream home, and homeowners make smart decisions to get the most out of their mortgage. Her business is built 100% by referral which affords her more time to work for her clients and spend less time prospecting. She will answer your questions honestly, educate you on the lending process, and let you make your own financial decisions in your best interest. Sofia is an advocate for her clients and prides herself on a level of communication that can be counted on.


Sofia was born and raised in Snohomish County and currently makes her home in Woodinville with her husband, Andy and daughters Angelina and Anika. When she’s not taking care of her clients, Sofia is dedicated to her family, and passionate about serving others. Sofia spends a lot of time with her extended family who live in the area, including her four nieces and nephews. When she has personal time, Sofia can often be found immersed in music- singing and playing piano. Sofia also enjoys biblical studies, reading, cooking and baking, hiking, traveling, and watching the Seahawks!

Contact Information:

Sofia can always be reached on her cell phone 425.208.2241, or at our Sydney Plaza office number, 425.357.1044. Sofia is also very responsive via email and you can email her at your convenience:

Clients can also submit a no-obligation online application to Sofia by visiting this website’s home page and clicking the “apply now” button. Sofia typically responds to clients within 24 hours and is flexible in her communication- via telephone, email or in person. Sofia prefers to meet with her clients in person to conduct consultations and prepare for new loan transactions so there is an opportunity to get to know each other and meet your lender face-to-face. Clients will not only experience the highest level of service when conducting their transaction with Sofia, they will make a friend dedicated to them and their mortgage needs. Given the opportunity, Sofia will be your Mortgage Consultant for life.

Investing In My Community:

Sofia has a heart for kids and enjoys volunteering in the classroom at her daughters' elementary school where she especially enjoys working on reading and writing skills with the kids. Sofia also wears a few hats at her church where she serves in the areas she loves most: music and kids. Sofia is passionate about ministering through worship music and delights in serving on worship team.

Sofia can also be found in the K-2 room during Sunday school, where she co-teaches the children bible stories and shares the love of Jesus. Sofia also supports Seattle Union Gospel Mission, Operation Christmas Child (a division of Samaritan's Purse which ships shoe boxes full of gifts and necessities to children in the most underdeveloped places in the world), and other Samaritan's Purse projects- ranging from hurricane relief efforts to medical and spiritual needs for those in war-torn Northern Iraq.


Sofia- I just wanted to say thank you very much for doing the refinance for me, and Sherri, and Kaylina. You have made my life so much easier! You are always appreciated and we look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Adam and Sheri from Marysville

Sofia- Thank you so much for everything! You made the process of buying our home so simple. J As always, we will highly recommend you!

- Hedge and Melissa from Marysville

Thank you Gabrielle, Sofia, and everyone else for all of your hard work. You went above and beyond and we really appreciate it. We will always come to you guys in the future, and we'll make sure our friends do, too.

- Monte and Rachel from Everett

You took what for me had been a frustrating experience, gave me a better option, and then helped make it happen painlessly, and efficiently. I'm so happy with how this process worked, and will definitely continue to pass your name along to anyone I hear of that is looking for a mortgage/refi. J

Edith from Lynnwood

My husband and I have used Sofia on two occasions. Once when we bought our first house and then again when we refinanced and is amazing! She was always available to us whenever we had questions and would explain everything in terms we could understand. She was always very thorough and organized smile emoticon:) Thank you Sofia for making things so easy for us!!

–Andrea and Bryan from Lake Stevens

Sofia is incredible. I tend to be a more anxious person when it comes to new things/situations I'm unsure about. My husband and I have used Sofia three times now. She helped us with our original loan, we refinanced a few years later and just did a cash out refi at the end of 2016. Sofia is honest, thoughtful and thorough. She explained everything we needed to know about all the details without bogging us down or making me feel insanely overwhelmed (which happens often). She ...followed alongside us- not making us feel pressured to lock in a rate immediately but gave her opinion of when she thought was a good time. She locked us in at 3.5% right before rates went to above 4%. Thank you Sofia for all the time and energy you put into your work and for helping us through so many questions/concerns. I adore Sofia and would refer her to anyone I know who needs help with their mortgage needs!

–Taylor and Zane from Edmonds

Articles by Sofia

  • The Credit ABC’s: Recovering from Major Credit Damage

    September 10

    Buying a Home after Major Credit Damage

    Have you experienced a bankruptcy, foreclosure, judgment, or other major negative credit event? It may seem like all hope is lost to restore your credit and buy a home, but that’s not true! You can absolutely recover from major credit damage, and qualify to buy a home. The key is rebuilding your credit as soon as possible after the event. You can do so by paying close attention to all your accounts to ensure they’re paid on time. Also, keep the balances low, and track your accounts to ensure no further erroneous derogatory information is reported. Then, after the required waiting period for your event, you will be eligible to apply for a home loan. See below for current residential lending requirements after major credit damage.

    Residential Lending requirements after Major Credit Damage

    1. Bankruptcy: If you are seeking a conventional or government loan, and filed for chapter 7, 11, or 13 bankruptcies, a 2-4 year waiting period is required from the discharge or dismissal date. The waiting period depends on the bankruptcy type and loan program type you seek.
    2. Foreclosure: Foreclosures require a 7 year waiting period to purchase with a conventional loan, or a 3 year waiting period on a FHA loan. VA loans do not require a waiting period if credit reestablished.
    3. Judgments: A judgment, or other public records listed on a credit report (such as a tax lien, or collections) doesn’t require a formal waiting period before you can apply for a home loan. They do, however, considerably damage your credit scores. Pay and close the accounts as soon as possible, and then begin rebuilding your credit with accounts in good standing in order to bring your scores up.

    *Note: We are not attempting to cover all negative credit events. These are examples of some of the negative credit events a consumer can experience, along with the applicable required waiting periods for residential lending.

  • The Credit ABC’s: How to Maintain Good Credit

    August 13

    How to Maintain Good Credit

    Over the years I’ve noticed clients with great credit have similar habits, habits which I also employ myself. If you want to maintain good credit throughout your lifetime, I’m convinced these 5 tips will help you do just that.

    Tips to Build and Maintain Good Credit

    1. Make your payments on time, or early. Obvious yes, but also necessary to establish a history of credit reliability.
    2. Allow your credit to age. If you have accounts in good standing, keep them open! These accounts help establish consistency in your credit history.
    3. Keep your credit card balances low. Any balance over 50% of your limit adversely affects your score.
    4. Payoff derogatory accounts. If you do get a collection or judgment, be sure to payoff and close that account as quickly as possible.
    5. Monitor your credit. It’s wise to check your credit every six months to ensure mistakes aren’t present that will hurt your scores.

    Tune in for more!

  • The Credit ABCs: How to Establish Good Credit

    July 30

    How to Establish Good Credit

    Over the years I’ve had many clients come to me without credit scores, wanting to know how to establish good credit quickly. Unfortunately, without credit scores it can be hard to obtain a mortgage, a car loan, or any type of loan. The good news is, establishing credit is easy, and it only takes a few months to get going. Here are the three tips I always give my clients:

    Tips to Get Started

    1. You have to start somewhere! Open a credit card. This can be a gas card, a small general credit card, or a department store card.  Once you open a card, or even two or three, use them every month. Make sure you put on a balance (but not over 50% of the limit), and then pay it off completely at the end of that month.

    2. Diversify your credit. As soon as you are able, move on to another type of credit, such as a car loan or other installment loan. If you need a student loan, that is another good option. You want to diversify your credit with a different sort of account.

    3. Continue building your credit. If you are able to open yet another type of credit, such as a mortgage, or other type of loan, your credit will be built further. Multiple credit cards are also a good idea, and once you’ve established them for at least a year, no need to charge them every month. The longer you have the accounts, the more they’ll help your credit. Finally, be very careful about any sort of collection or judgment. Those derogatory reports can sink your credit in an instant.

  • The Credit ABCs: An Introduction to Credit in Lending

    June 25

    An Introduction to the Credit ABCs

    Have you ever wondered how your credit score is calculated, how to establish “good” credit, or why your scores vary when different creditors pull your credit report? If so, tune in to my new miniseries, The Credit ABCs. Based on my experience as a mortgage professional, I will review not only how credit works, but the dos and don’ts of establishing and maintaining good credit.

    In Part 1 of the Credit ABCs I introduce you to the world of electronic credit scoring. Here are the main points:

    1. Mortgage lenders use the following scoring models: Equifax – Fico classic 05, Transunion- Fico classic 04, and Experian- Fair Issac 02. We consider all three bureaus, but your middle score is the qualifying score. Other creditors, such as car dealerships and credit card companies, use different scoring methods. The free credit report you can obtain online uses only one bureau and does not necessarily use the same scoring models.

    2. Trade lines found on a credit report include: mortgages, car loans, student or personal loans, and credit cards. If you have any outstanding judgments, collections, or tax liens, those will also be reported on your credit report. Rent, phone bills, and utilities are not included.

    3. When your lender pulls credit, the information is typically 30-60 days old. If you’ve recently paid off items and would like that to be considered with your loan approval, be sure to alert your lender.

  • USDA Property Eligibility Areas Revised June 4th, 2018

    June 4

    On June 4, 2018, the new ineligible area maps for the Rural Development Single Family Housing (SFH) and Multi-Family Housing programs will be updated

    USDA loans are zero-down, government insured loans available for borrowers who want to purchase in USDA designated rural areas. USDA property eligibility is determined by USDA rural area maps. Updated maps on the USDA Income and Property Eligibility Site at

    All properties for new applications must be located in an eligible rural area based on the new eligibility maps

    However, a property that is located in an area being changed from rural to non-rural may be approved if all of the following conditions are met:

    1. The application is dated and received by the lender prior to June 4, 2018 and the Loan Estimate was issued by the lender within 3 days of application receipt.
    2. The applicant has a signed/ratified sales contract on a property that is dated prior to June 4, 2018.
    3. Applicant meets all other loan eligibility requirements.

    Call me if you are interested in a USDA loan, or with any mortgage-related questions!